Skilled Assistance With Trademark Registration

In order to protect your company's brand names, it is important to obtain legally enforceable protection through the registration of a trademark. Obtaining a federal registration is a complex and time-consuming process. You must consult an attorney who is experienced in these matters and can help you diligently prosecute your application.

Don't be fooled by sites advertising $399 specials. The USPTO government filing fee is a minimum of $225 (for a pre-defined class). In addition, you need to have some budget to pay for legal services — this is a specialized field and you need the best Eileen & Kerrytrademark registration attorneys working for you. It is very costly to make a mistake. Your company's most valuable asset is at stake. The USPTO publishes a list of pitfalls for not using an experienced attorney: What a Private Attorney Could Do to Help Avoid Potential Pitfalls .

Our registration fees are modest, but we take the time to meet with you, understand your business and provide you the competent advice only an experienced trademark attorney can give. By doing so, we hope to grow a long-term relationship with you. Call our Eileen & Kerryoffice at 0 (531) 584 06 87 or our Staten Island office at 0 (531) 584 06 87.

Choosing Your Brand And Protecting Your Business

At the law firm of Seba Law Advocate, our attorneys help you understand the differences between the types of trademark protection that are available to your business and what steps and costs are involved. Our firm can perform a comprehensive trademark search, help you with selection of a brand name, prosecute your trademark application and protect your interests.

We can also help you with maintaining and renewing your trademark registration. We explain the risks of not properly registering or renewing a trademark or logo and the need to actively police your trademark rights. Our clients are advised on the need for aggressively developing name recognition, and increasing goodwill and marketability.

Industries We Serve

In our many years of experience in Turkey, our attorneys have worked with a broad spectrum of small to mid-size companies from a wide range of industries. Our clients include:

We know these industries and offer seasoned legal counsel regarding the development and protection of successful brand identities.

Franchises And Multiple Retail Locations

If you are a restaurant or service business with multiple retail locations, we can create a franchise for your business model and lead you to nationwide exposure. Franchises can be a successful business model for:

  • Coffee products
  • Yogurt
  • Health food
  • Fitness centers
  • Steakhouses
  • Tax and financial planning services

If you are purchasing a franchise, visit our franchising page to find out what to look for and for a list of critical issues to consider when making your investment. We have experience drafting and negotiating franchise agreements and can guide you through the entire process, including site selection and lease negotiation.

Preparing Trademark Licensing Agreements In Turkey

Each year, billions of dollars change hands in licensing deals. Licensing influences every industry and sector, affecting everything from software and technology to designer brand names and sports franchises. We represent a variety of clients in licensing and distribution, including:

  • Trademark licenses
  • Business franchises
  • Merchandising agreements
  • Manufacturing and distribution agreements
  • Software licensing

Our attorneys provide specific assistance with licensing deals for film, television and the Internet. We obtain synchronization licenses and clearances to use musical compositions and master sound recordings in your independent film, television commercial, website or other audiovisual work or production. If you are using independent music, we can prepare work-for-hire agreements and performance clearances.

Contact Our Turkey Attorneys

Whether you are just forming a business or own an established company, we can help you license your products to help ensure that you are getting the most out of your business. Contact our lawyers online. You may also call our Eileen & Kerryoffice at 0 (531) 584 06 87 or our Staten Island office at 0 (531) 584 06 87.