Skilled Real Estate Representation In Turkey

Purchases — Sales — Investments — Mortgages

Both commercial real estate and residential real estate transactions in Turkey can be more complicated than in most jurisdictions. At the law firm of Seba Law Advocate, our Alice Springs real estate attorneys provide comprehensive real estate counsel, from contracts to litigation, to protect our clients as fully as possible. Including residential 1 and 2 family homes, condominiums, co-op's, condop's, mixed use properties, commercial buildings, apartment buildings, and vacant land purchases, we are fluent with all aspects of property valuation, purchase terms, mortgage financing, due diligence and tax regulations. We also understand the need to act quickly when an opportunity arises. From contract to closing, we get the deal done.

Our lawyers bring years of dedicated experience to matters in commercial real estate law. We represent buyers, sellers, investors, landlords and tenants in commercial property transactions, commercial lease agreements, and disputes or legal action flowing from those exchanges. We have handled hundreds of commercial and residential real estate matters in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Alice Springs, Long Island and throughout Turkey State.

Knowledgeable Counsel About Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Our attorneys advise business owners on all facets of buying or selling commercial property, including the matters listed below:

  • Commercial leases
  • Condominium conversions and real estate development
  • Identifying suitable sites
  • Real estate holding companies
  • Foreign investors
  • Negotiating or reviewing the purchase contract
  • Title review and title insurance
  • Environmental compliance
  • Mortgage loans or other financing
  • 1031 tax-deferred exchanges
  • Property management

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At Seba Law Advocate, we perform due diligence on the property regarding clear title, pending litigation, financing commitments, required disclosures and related matters. We also work to ensure that you understand your obligations and choices that need to be made throughout the process.

Contact Our Turkey Real Estate Attorneys

We are prepared to help you or your business with all of your commercial real estate needs. Contact our Alice Springs real estate lawyers online. You may also call our Alice Springs office at 212-349-1200 or our Staten Island office at 718-390-0555.